Back Issue Spotlight: The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect

As a little addendum to my Hulk: The End back issue spotlight, I wanted to also talk about another post apocalyptic Hulk story that Peter David told, “Future Imperfect”.  Working this time with the ever amazing George Perez, the Hulk has been brought to a future to help the denizens of the sole city left on earth, Dystopia, bring down the evil Maestro! But who is this Maestro? Why he’s a future version of the Hulk that has gone made with Power of course!


This is one of the best stories ever told in Peter David’s 12 year Hulk run! The Maestro is one of the perfect “Dark future” versions of a character ever made, especially for the likes of the Hulk! He’s power made, and yet is not completely heartless (he IS trying to repair the soil after all) but he is still a cruel dictator who won’t hesitate to kill any of the puny humans!


How will the Hulk be able to defeat the Maestro? Who are these people that brought the Hulk to the future? And more importantly…WHY him? Tune in and find out

Story Spotlight: The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect

Robert Willing

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