Back-Issue Spotlight: ‘Spider-Man: Reign’

Continuing with my The End series of videos, I’m going to cover a tale tonight that’s a ‘The End’ in everything but title. Spider-Man: Reign is pretty much ol’ Web-Head’s ‘Dark Knight Returns’ story.



Allow me to discuss some of the comparisons:


  • Main hero is an old man and initially retired from the gig, but is spurred back when he realizes society has fallen so badly that he needs to come back? CHECK!
  • Comic is full of media personalities who give exposition that helps explain how this future has been operating? CHECK!
  • Hero, directly or indirectly, rallies a bunch of youths to fight against the bad guys? CHECK!
  • Old villain(s) come out of the woodwork, resulting in one final battle? CHECK!
  • Written and drawn by the same person? CHECK (This case it’s Kaare Andrews)


But even with those similarities, there’s so much more differences in how they utilize them…for example in DKR ‘Jason’ was killed off screen, but here MJ was killed by Peter’s radioactive sperm… LOL okay there’s more to it than that but you’re gonna have to watch my video to find out what I mean.


Story Spotlight: Spider-Man: Reign

Robert Willing

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