Back Issue Spotlight: Space: Punisher

Today I wanted to go over a very unique comic project. Mark Texeria and Frank Tieri decided to retell the Punisher (along with most of the Marvel Universe) through an extreme sci-fi lens and what Marvel Comics readers got was balls-to-the-wall insanity!



After losing his wife and son (he had no daughter here), Frank Castle filled the void by creating a robot named ‘Chip’ based on his son, and he created his space ship’s AI based on his deceased wife! Together, they start tearing up the galaxy to find those responsible that killed his family!


Along the way, readers see reinterpretations of various Marvel villains AND a terrifying version of the Hulk that truly is UNSTOPPABLE! But the biggest twist of all comes from who is actually behind everything….THE WATCHERS!


Come and see what I mean as I go over this insanity in the video below!


Story Spotlight: Space: Punisher

Robert Willing

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