Back Issue Spotlight Review: Archie vs Predator II

Tonight I’m taking a break from the review series for The End style comic books that I’ve been doing recently, because I wanted to finish discussing the Archie vs Predator II series that I began a few months ago (and since I just noticed the trade is now available for pre-order). Coincidentally, this story is sort of an end of the road in its own way as well.



Picking up from the aftermath of the first Archie vs Predator series, Betty, Veronica, and Archie-Predator are still living in the remains of Riverdale. Going forward, these two are treated as if they’re the classic Betty and Veronica (which makes sense since they used the traditional art style in the first series) and they find out they’ve been cancelled. Yep, we’re getting very meta here.


The trio end up driving off and, somehow, end up in Reboot Archie Riverdale! And almost right away, they find out the difference as they see their “more realistic” counterparts. But it couldn’t come at the worst time as MORE Predators show up! Yeah Reboot Archie‘s world is just as doomed.



Filled with meta-commentary between the two versions of Archie, we see classic Betty and Veronica come to terms that their era is over. They need to move on and embrace each other. Yep, that’s right. Readers get Betty and Veronica!

I guess this book is an alright sequel. The fact they were able to tell a complete story based off of what little they had left was a miracle. Even if they needed to make a deal with the devil to resolve it all…yeah no joke!


If you enjoyed the first mini, then I guess this is my tepid recommendation.


Story Spotlight: Archie vs Predator II

Robert Willing

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