Back Issue Spotlight: Faces of Evil Solomon Grundy

If there was ever an underrated character, it’s Solomon Grundy. One of the oldest DC villains dating back to Alan Scott Green Lantern’s adventures. He’s a zombie that is always resurrected in Slaughter Swamp, off the coast of Gotham City! He’s appeared in countless media and is one of the few villains any of the heroes won’t flinch at killing because, again, he’s a zombie! And he has been reborn with different personalities and mentalities over time.


But this time it’s different! This time it’s Cyrus Gold, the man who became Grundy, who is finally back! And this time he has to cure his curse or risk being damned forever! He is tasked with finding his murder weapon, his murderer, and forgive him! And he has one week to do this!



What transpires in this one shot is a roller coaster of a week as so many of Grundy’s past actions among other situations come back to fight him! He also makes good friends with Bizarro! Spoiler warning…Cyrus fails but WHY he fails you’ll have to read.


Why give that spoiler? Because Grundy’s husk still serves a purpose as, being dead, it is brought back to life by a black lantern ring during Blackest Night as he hunts Bizarro and Man-Bat (This tale is told in Superman/Batman so it makes sense in context)


This is an amazing monster bash written and drawn by Scott Kolins (Except for the Year of Evil one shot, that was co-written by Geoff Johns) that tells a story of hardship, evil, redemption, and failure!


Come check it out with me!


Story Spotlight: Solomon Grundy

Robert Willing

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