Back Issue Spotlight: Daredevil: End of Days

Continuing with my series of comic book reviews that look back on “final stories” usually set in the future, looking at a well known comic superhero and examining their final adventure. In this latest “The End” review, I wanted to look at how Marvel Comics saw Matt Murdock’s Daredevil going out.


A few panels in and he’s killed by Bullseye.


Welp, that was short, see ya!



Okay, okay, in all honesty, this is less of a “The End” and more of well like the title said, it’s the End of Days. And, yeah, we’ve got another depressing story.


After killing the Kingpin, Matt had gone into hiding and the public never saw him again until Bullseye killed him! His last words were “Mapone”…this ends up leading to Ben Urich trying to figure out what it meant. Ben digs deep into the seedy underbelly of the Marvel Universe, tracking down Matt’s buried sins and past loves to discover the secrets behind his death – but who is the new Daredevil that’s tracking Ben? 



Throughout his investigation over these 8 issues, Ben will find out so many details about what’s happened with Matt, among other things the possibility that he’s fathered children with all his love interests (Since they all have Red Haired sons). He also finds out that Matt had gathered so much information on all his enemies and criminals. You won’t believe your eyes when the mystery behind Daredevil’s final days stands revealed, but strangely enough he never finds out who or what ‘Mapone’ is!



This story is by Brian Michael Bendis. The story could be told in half the issues, but it’s deconstructed to try and milk all the character bits he can muster, and while I do think it’s a well told tale, and amazingly drawn, it’s really a bit too drawn out.


Still, if you’re a hardcore Daredevil fan, I highly recommend it. If you’re not a fan…well you may just want to borrow it.


Story Spotlight: Daredevil: End of Days

NOTE: During this video I gave the wrong Accolades. I gave props to Bill Sienkiewicz when the props should have gone to David Mack! Bill just inked over Janson. My Mistake.

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