At the Movies with Robert & Ingrid: Godzilla vs. Kong (Spoiler Review)


In what should have been the final video in our Monsterverse primer has now become the first video in our upcoming Monsterverse Marathon as Ingrid and I are going to discuss the new film Godzilla vs Kong! This movie is the accumulation of everything the MonsterVerse has been building towards ever since Godzilla (2014) and my short review is:


It was worth every minute!



Was this is the best movie of the franchise? Sadly, no. But – it we conclude that it is the SECOND best (the first best being 2019’s King of the Monsters), but it’s by a VERY slim margin!


What we’ve basically got here is the big budget remake of 1963’s Godzilla vs King Kong! This is the Battle of the Apex Predators! And it’s just as epic as any kaiju fan could have hoped it would be! The special effects and the combat action are perfect! Additionally, the new design for an older Kong is very nice! And, even for a little bit, getting the appearance of a villainous Godzilla was quite clever!



In this adventure, something is driving Godzilla to attack humans, meanwhile Kong is being used to help humans find the Hollow Earth! Eventually the two titans collide and each time, the battles are amazing!


The biggest weakness in this movie is that it’s a VERY mixed bag when it comes to the human side of the story. Most of the Kong side stories worked very well, but unfortunately the Godzilla AND Apex portion of the story are either mediocre or just flat out bad! The bad guys are mostly cookie cutter, one of the ‘Team Godzilla’ humans is all but useless, another is very good (a returning Maddie from KotM) and the other is just divisive. These characters are what hurt the movie for both Ingrid and me.



Now the BIG moment of the movie! Mecha Godzilla makes an appearance and it was so AWESOME! We DO get a definitive answer to who would win the battle that many kaiju fans have speculated about for years!


Check out what else Ingrid and I thought below. For an even more in-depth discussion, you can check out our live stream review here.




Robert & Ingrid at the Movies: Godzilla vs. Kong - Spoiler Review

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