Birds of Prey (Spoiler Review): One Big Disappointing ‘Meh’

Hey guys! Well Ingrid and I just saw Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) and…it was meh. In our detailed video review below, won’t say it was the WORST movie we’ve ever seen. But it wasn’t very “fantabulous” either (big shocker there). The short review is that it’s beneath Suicide Squad (which I liked) and only slightly beneath Captain Marvel (no joke!)



Why are we not going all the way and just calling this is a steaming pile of bird poop? Well, we did find that there were a few things that we actually liked about it.


The Good:

  • Margot Robbie is mostly good as Harley. She sometimes feels like the Palmiotti/Connor Harley on the big screen!
  • They got SOME of Huntress right. Her backstory is VERY Close to the comics.
  • They got SOME of Renee Montoya right with how driven she can be.
  • BLACK FREAKING CANARY IS THE BEST! They REALLY got her character VERY well for the most part and she was well acted! She was the best part of this movie!
  • Also Black Mask…to be honest if not for one scene…I COULD Accept this version of him! (For the record…NO WHERE would you feel he was GAY! Flamboyant, yes, but NOT Gay!…Bisexual most likely).
  • Bruce the Hyena…LOVE the fuzzball!
  • Also HALF of the action sequences (Mostly those in the police station) Were damn good!



The Bad:


  • While she’s good a lot of the time, there are other times where Margot Robbie is INFURIATING as Harley and so damn annoying! Robbie is a producer here, so I am not sure who is responsible for this inconsistency, but SHE is the star.
  • Other than her backstory, and bad-assness, they got the rest of Huntress WAY OFF! They took her being so driven for revenge that she was socially inept!
  • They got EVERYTHING ELSE wrong about Renee! The rest of the men of her precinct take all the credit and insult her cause she’s a woman!
  • That one scene with Black Mask which was clearly done ENTIRELY to make him an over the top misogynist was WAY too far and WAY over the line! Plus meets his end way too anti-climatically.
  • The rest of the action is jarring, boring, and stupid (especially the climax scenes).
  • CASSANDRA FUCKING CAIN! She is an in-name-only character who is an incompetent pickpocket and, while I would have no issue at all if she was ANY OTHER CHARACTER, the fact that she disgraces the character’s name really pissed me off!
  • THAT STUPID SANDWICH! If you see the movie you’ll see what I mean!


Yeah, you’ll need to see the movie for yourself if you’d like some more context on these bullet points above, but as a DC fan, I can assure you that I think we just about cover all the biggest pros and cons of the movie. It’s as average as can be. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments, but for us, the movie ranks…




At the Movies with Robert & Ingrid: Birds of Prey (Spoiler Review)

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