Adventures in Awful: Chelsea Cain’s “Man-Eaters #2” Review

Welcome to Adventures in Awful on Bleeding Fool. The show that does to comics what Mystery Science Theater 3000 did to cinema.  Each episode our host, author J. Ishiro Finney (Josh Finney) (Casefile: ARKHAM, World War Kaiju, Utopiates), subjects  Kat Rocha, the Editor in Chief of  to a surprise comic she’s never seen or read before for an honest critique.

In this episode, we’re examining the second issue of Chelsea Cain’s mini-series Man-eaters. It’s a story about adolescence, the scary changes that happen to young women, and why young men and adults should fear for their lives. Will this book be a BuyBorrow, or Burn? You’ll have to watch to find out. 

Adventures in Awful: Chelsea Cain's Man-Eaters #2

Did you miss the first issue of Man-eaters? Watch it HERE on YouTube.

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Kat Rocha

Kat began her publishing career as a collaborating artist on such projects as UTOPIATES, a CATWOMAN story for BATMAN 80pg GIANT for DC Comics and TITANIUM RAIN. She went on to produce numerous concept designs for Spartan Games and has had her work featured in Interzone magazine. She began her own comic series entitled LD30: The Adventures of a Swinging Robot in 2010 and in 2011, she founded 01Publishing. Check out her Youtube channel on Subscribe Star and consider picking up a book or two from and