Wonder Twins Film Canceled by HBO Max Ahead of Production


HBO Max may not going forward with their Wonder Twins movie after all.


Back in February it was revealed that Warner Bros. has hired Adam Sztykiel to create a live-action film based on The Wonder Twins for HBO Max. Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey of Temple Hill had also signed on to produce, and KJ Apa (Riverdale) and Isabel May (1883) were recently announced as the titular sister superheroes last month.




That Hashtag Show however, provides some bad news for anyone who cares. The Wonder Twins cast and crew were apparently notified that the show had been canceled without explanation.


The filmmakers were reportedly planning to start shooting in Atlanta on July 5, but this cancellation news came as they were still fleshing out the remainder of the ensemble. The recent Warner Bros./Discovery merger has been suggested as a possible reason for the cancellation, but no confirmation has been given.



The Wonder Twins first appeared in the animated series The All-New Super Friends Hour, but they subsequently made their way to the written page in DC Comics adventures. Zan and Jayna, twin siblings from another planet, have remarkable talents that may be awakened by fist bumping and saying, “Wonder Twin powers, activate!” Zan can morph into various forms of water, while Jayna can transform into animals.


They’re accompanied by Gleek, a pet monkey that can assist the twins’ powers when they’re separated from each other.



While a live-action adaptation has a lot of creative possibilities, it just isn’t going to happen under the new regime. Given that controversial comics writer Mark Russell had introduced several sexual innuendo and transgender elements into the story the last time he helmed the title, fans may have dodged a bullet with this cancellation.

Todd Fisher

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