Woke Disney Bans Don Rosa’s “Uncle Scrooge” McDuck Stories


As Walt Disney celebrates his 100th anniversary, some of its historic comics will say goodbye to readers forever. We’ve just received news that Disney will no longer publish some Scrooge McDuck comics. Through a post published on the Facebook group of his official fan club, legendary cartoonist Don Rosa has communicated that two of his stories belonging to the Scrooge McDuck saga will no longer be re-published. The comics in question are “The Dream of a Lifetime” and “The Richest Duck in the World”.


Fans of Disney comics are disappointed by the recent news that Disney has decided to erase the history of beloved writer and artist, Don Rosa. The creator had been writing and drawing “Uncle Scrooge” stories for years, and his work is highly regarded by fans of the classic Disney comics.


The decision to ban Rosa comes after a decade oid dispute between the writer and Disney over royalties. According to Rosa, he was not receiving his fair share of royalties for his work, and had been negotiating with Disney for several years to rectify the situation. However, Disney was apparently unwilling to meet Rosa’s demands, and as a result, the writer has been banned from creating any new “Uncle Scrooge” stories and he ultimately quit comics altogether.



“Uncle Scrooge” is one of the most popular and long-running series in the Disney Comics canon, and Rosa’s work has been a major part of that legacy. It remains to be seen whether or not fans will continue to support it, or Disney’s latest “woke” decision. Apparently the depictions in the story are now not in alignment with Disney’s “ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion,” so his stories will no longer be included in future collections.


Don Rosa himself shared the news last week on his Facebook page.




Fans of the classic Disney comics have expressed disappointment and anger over the news, with many taking to social media to voice their frustration.  This will also likely have a significant impact on the wider Disney comics community.  Disney’s decision has been criticized by some as yet another example of the company’s lack of respect for its creators, with many fans pointing out that the company has a long history of taking advantage of its creative talent, and that this latest dispute is just another example of a disrespectful trend.


The tales in question were first published in 1994, “The Richest Duck in the World” (aka “Empire-Builder from Calisota”) which follows Scrooge as he ventures to Africa in an attempt to become the richest person in the world. While there, he encounters a character called “Bombie the Zombie,” who was cursed by a witch doctor named Foola Zoola. Bombie the Zombie proceeds to chase Scrooge around the world before Scrooge manages to trap him on an island for multiple decades. Scrooge later dreams about Bombie the Zombie in 2002’s “The Dream of a Lifetime,” a story that has been widely compared to Christopher Nolan’s Inception as it sees the Beagle Boys invade Scrooge’s dreams to steal his belongings.


Obviously the depiction of the zombie is what bothers Disney’s woke-scolds, despite it arguably being less shocking than true life photos of Haitian voodoo priests and houngans that the BBC recently published.



Whether or not Disney will address this report remains to be seen, but for now, fans of Don Rosa and his work will be left disappointed and frustrated with their decision to censor these stories.

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