Woke & Broke: Warner Media Dumps CW Network to Nexstar for Zero Dollars


Recent years have seen a sharp decline in the quality of several of the CW’s DC series, particularly during the pandemic era. Numerous viewers have repeatedly emphasized how bad shows like Naomi and Batwoman have turned out, with each scoring IMDb ratings of 4.6/10 and 3.3/10, respectively.


Whew lad.


Now Warner Media is looking to dump the struggling network and under the terms being discussed, Nexstar, the largest U.S. broadcast TV station company, is looking to acquire a 75% stake in CW, while Paramount and Warner Bros/Discovery would each hold on to a 12.5% stake.


This is likely good news because many shows that had great potential have been spoiled by the woke-ness that has affected the majority of the CW’s programming.




In the deal, according to the Wall Street Journal, Nexstar would not pay any cash to buy the 75% stake in CW, but would absorb the network’s substantial losses, reported to be in the neighborhood of about $100 million. In other words, the old adage has been proved once again… “Get Woke, Go Broke”.


Az from Hawt Toys had the following to say about the news:


The CW SOLD for $0 (Oh and You Acquire its DEBT of $100 MILLION)!!


As of this reporting, it is still unclear what Nexstar has planned. We’ll update you when we know more, but details are expected to be reported this week.

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