Will ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ be the Savior of 2021’s Box Office?


Everyone expects Spider-Man: No Way Home to be the biggest box office hit of the epidemic age, but now the latest opening weekend estimates suggest the film will gross more than double what most movies released in the last 18 months did over the course of their entire theatrical run. According to the most recent Box Office Pro forecasts, provided by Charlie Jatinder below, the next MCU sequel for Spider-Man is now on track for a $200M+ domestic opening weekend, along with a projected $500 million worldwide premiere.



There were a few concerns that the arrival of the “Omicron COVID-19” variant could potentially result in a drop in the number of people willing to sit in a dark room with a lot of strangers to see Spider-Man: No Way Home on opening day, but with nearly $60 million in presale tickets already sold, $40 million of which is from the film’s opening day, it appears not even a waning pandemic is going to stop this juggernaut.


With the current presales trajectory, the film is on track for an opening of at least $200-240 million, and this type of projection has frequently proven to be lower than the actual figures in recent weeks, so Marvel and Sony must be celebrating already as we near the conclusion of an up and down year for the studios. On the other hand, with many Marvel fans disappointed with Black Widow and Eternals, some feel this could be the last big hurrah for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or the last one with such great anticipation.


We’re hearing rumors that with barely a week away, one last new international trailer is coming just prior to the film’s arrival, which is scheduled for December 15th in the U.K. along with many other overseas territories. The movie opens in the U.S. on the 17th. 

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