Why Does Disney Have So Many Pedophiles Working for Them?


Disney is “woke.” We got it. They’ve established that for years and most recently reaffirmed their wokeness in their ongoing fight against the state of Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis. The state’s new anti-grooming statute, dubbed the “don’t say gay” bill by Disney and the progressive corporate media, has compelled Disney’s executives to fully embrace child grooming.


Don’t Say ‘Grooming’: Disney Staff Busted in Child Sex Trafficking Sting


So is this just about being woke? As unsettling as it may seem, from what we’ve seen in recent years, the organizational culture at the House of Mouse appears to be focused around employing, promoting, and shielding pedophiles and child rapists.


Disney Staff Among 17 Arrested in Underage Sex Sting in Florida



Journalist Christopher Rufo, who has exposed Disney’s ‘Reimagine Tomorrow‘ campaign for inserting identity politics and wokeness into any corporation, and uncovered video calls where they explained their agenda to incorporate inordinate amounts of LGBTQ propaganda into their content, has compiled a list of examples of the Disney corporation culture’s heinous nature by spotlighting sexual perversion among its personnel.






Regrettably, this list of ghouls only includes those who were apprehended. How many Disney perverts continue to abuse children today without the knowledge of law enforcement? Perhaps a more pressing concern is how much Disney’s top executives are aware of the company’s inherent wickedness.





Disney Employees Among 17 Arrested on Child Pornography Charges, Again


Because Disney appeals to children, it will also appeal to sexual predators. That’s a given. So therefore, no other company in the world should be more aggressive in its search to weed out child groomers among their company. Instead, they’re so “woke” they actually want MORE groomers in Florida.






Disney is a very sick company. Stop giving money to people who hate you.



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