Disney Never Addresses Employee Concerns of their Hiring of Child-Predators


According to a Disney whistleblower, the children’s entertainment behemoth has never acknowledged or dealt with the hundreds of their employees that have been caught in child sex trafficking operations in recent years. Most recently the Polk County bust that nabbed four more in March 2022.


Benny Johnson on The Benny Show interviewed the anonymous whistleblower who explained that the entertainment company hasn’t internally addressed “things that are unpleasant” and employees are instructed not to bring up any similar issues that might “jeopardize the brand.”





PM has reported that the Disney whistleblower explained to Johnson that employees and cast members are watched “constantly” and alleged that it would be nearly impossible for Disney cast members to do anything with a child on property given the alleged high surveillance.


“We are watched constantly. We have cameras everywhere on us. You can’t walk away with a child. So that would be pretty much an impossibility,” they explained. “But what people do on their off time. That’s kind of scary. And it’s not discussed.”

“I would bet dollars to donuts that the leadership team never even spoke to the rest of the team about why that cast member is no longer with the company,” the whistleblower added, referencing Jackson’s arrest.


Disney made news after CEO Bob Chapek and other Disney executives, publicly opposed Florida’s new “anti-grooming” law, intended to protect the state’s young school-aged children and uphold parental rights in education which, according to polls, is supported by over 60 percent of Americans.


Four Disney workers were among 108 people arrested in a massive child sex sting operation in Polk County, Florida, last month, adding fuel to the already worldwide media firestorm over the grooming law struggle.


During the news conference, Sheriff Grady Judd emphasized the case of Xavier Jackson, a 27-year-old lifeguard at the Disney Polynesian Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, who was apprehended during the sting. Jackson has been accused of emailing sexually graphic images to a 14-year-old girl.



“You think there’s a few children around there?” the sheriff asked. “I didn’t stutter. He was a lifeguard at the Polynesian Resort. And was bragging about that.”


Disney officials have declined to comment on any of these child sex trafficking busts, but they never hesitate to comment on U.S. laws they don’t like. A reckoning is coming for Disney.




Karina Smitt

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