What is Wrong With Ezra Miller? Threatens Cops With ‘Hate Crime’


While being arrested in Hawaii earlier this year, Flash actor Ezra Miller issued a stern warning to the cops, instructing them to get their “pronouns in the correct order” or face legal ramifications for a “hate crime”. The disagreement began during the arrest when Ezra was addressed as “sir” rather than “they.” It was the second arrest in less than a month in Hawaii.


The actor may have portrayed the ‘fastest man alive’ in the Justice League film, but was unable elude police, issued a second disciplinary warning, demanding that his wrists should also be respected and not injured in any way. Miller was detained for disorderly behavior and harassment during a confrontation at a pub in Hilo, Hawaii. As he was being carried away by police, he insisted on giving them a legal briefing.


Ezra Miller Arrested in Hawaii Body Cam Footage


In video from TMZ, Miller is seen in handcuffs, complaining his wrists hurt and warning cops to be careful because he is a musician and any nerve damage might be terrible. As he was being escorted to the police station, Ezra became even more enraged when one of the officers addressed him as “sir.” “I’m not a sir,” Ezra responds. “I’m nonbinary transgender.” “If you fail to do that again, it is an act of intentional bigotry and it is a technical hate crime according to U.S. Federal law,” Ezra said.”


Miller continued to complain about wrist pain once at the station, although he appeared considerably calmer than before.



The arrest comes only two years after disturbing video of him choking a young lady in Reykjavik, Iceland, surfaced in 2020. “You want to fight?” Is that what you want to do?” Miller was overheard telling the woman, who looked to be swinging her arms in a mock taunt. Miller then chokes her and throws her to the ground, as another person shouts, “Whoa, Bro, Bro, Bro…”  A spokesperson for Miller, 27, claims the actor was allegedly challenged by a group of “obnoxious” fans who started the fight. He was escorted out of the building shortly after.




Miller also previously made headlines in January when he posted an Instagram video asking members of the Ku Klux Klan in North Carolina to “kill themselves.”


This young man is clearly troubled, and Warner Bros. may want to reconsider leaving him at the helm of their next superhero franchise, no matter how many delays the upcoming movie has suffered through.


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