Warner Bros. Still Hopeful for Christmas Day Release of WW84


Will Wonder Woman 1984 still hit theaters on Christmas Day? Warner Bros. is still hopeful, but also willing to admit it may still need to move.

News continues to roll in of theaters having to shut back down in Europe due to Coronavirus surges, but the U.S. is holding steady for now. With that in mind, Warner Bros. is hoping that it will still be able to release Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas Day.

Warner Bros. chair-CEO Ann Sarnoff has confirmed Warner Bros. is committed to the Christmas Day release, but said, “It really is about how the U.S. continues to open, and whether there are any other surges. We’ve got a little bit of time to figure that out.”


Wonder Woman 1984 is currently scheduled to hit theaters on Dec. 25.



via Batman News

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