WAR: Mickey’s Copyright in Jeopardy Over Disney’s ‘Political Agenda’


Could Disney lose their most famous mascot in a political war? There appears to be growing support for finally punishing Disney for getting so political, and members of Congress are leading the way.


The current copyright to Mickey Mouse expires on January 1, 2024, and now it may be in jeopardy of being renewed. In a letter to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, House Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chairman Jim Banks (R-IN) stated that he will attempt to revoke Mickey Mouse’s copyright renewal due to the megacorporation’s LGBT push and given its opposition to Gov. Ron Desantis’ Parental Rights in Education Act.



During recent Fox News appearance alongside Christopher Rufo, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) discussed a letter he had sent to Disney CEO Bob Chapek. This includes a reminder that “Disney loses its Mickey Mouse copyright on January 1, 2024.” To renew it, as Congress has stepped in to do multiple times, is not something the congressman can support.


“Given Disney’s continued work with a Communist Chinese regime that does not respect human rights or U.S. intellectual property and given your desire to influence young children with sexual material inappropriate for their age, I will not support further extensions applicable to your copyrights, which should become public domain,” Rep. Banks wrote in his letter.


Speaking to Laura Ingraham, Rep. Banks said “this is probably a long time coming,” pointing out “at the end of the day we take our kids to Disney World for family vacation, not indoctrination.” Ingraham suggested that “they just take it for granted that they’re going to have their copyrights extended forever,” also adding that “I think Congress has to start examining this across the board for a lot of companies.”


3.31.2022 Ingraham Angle


The letter also rebuked Disney for how it “has sought to expand business in China by kowtowing to its Communist regime,” leading to a closeness with the Chinese Communist Party. As we’ve reported before, Disney filmed its 2020 film “Mulan” in Xinjiang province, where the genocide and forced slave labor against Uyghur Muslims is taking place. To add insult to injury, Disney gave a special thanks to the local CCP authorities in the movie credits. Rep. Banks also told Ingraham that he hadn’t ever witnessed Disney attacking any Chinese laws. Banks said he wouldn’t vote to provide Disney the special laws it enjoys since it had been “attacking American values on a regular basis.”


Longtime Disney beat commentators, Clownfish TV also weighed in on the copyright threats.


Disney's Mickey Mouse Copyright THREATENED Over Florida Bill Backlash!


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), a former Florida state legislator, has also weighed in, suggesting that the legislature has several options with dealing with the formerly family-friendly company that now uses its influence to inappropriately indoctrinate children.



The attack on Florida’s law to protect parents and children is much less popular than the support for it, especially with parents, 67% of whom support the law. Along with other power-grabs in public schools like Critical Race Theory and ethnic studies, requiring sexualized curriculum in kindergarten exposes the pseudo-scientific arrogance and intolerance of the “woke” activists.

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