Vimeo Deplatforms ‘Dead Name’ Doc About Parents of Transgender Kids


“Dead Name,” which sheds light on the experiences of transgender individuals, had been available for viewing on Vimeo before the site abruptly took it down. However, the filmmakers behind the documentary launched a new website, where the film can be accessed.


The reason behind Vimeo’s decision to remove the film is unclear, but it has sparked a new conversation about freedom of expression and the experiences of transgender individuals. The film has received positive reviews from those who have seen it, with many calling it an important piece of work that sheds light on a marginalized community.


Here’d the trailer:



The “Dead Name” documentary explores the challenges faced by transgender individuals, including the use of their birth name, which is often referred to as their “dead name.” The film sheds light on the emotional toll that using one’s dead name can have on a transgender person, and the importance of using their chosen name as a way of affirming their identity.


The film synopsis tells the story:

“We learn how shocking it is for parents to hear that their children in their mid to late teens have seemingly out of nowhere decided to switch from female to male or from male to female. In another story, we follow one parent’s nightmarish descent into the transgender world as her ex assigns a female gender to their very young son. In all these stories, we find parents struggling with disbelief, loneliness, helplessness, isolation and despair. Ultimately, each one’s ultimate fear is the medicalized transition of their child — though in one story, the path to medicalization may have proven to be fatal.”

 ‘Dead Name’ lets us in on the inner thoughts, the struggles, and the declarations to fight for children who feel lost to them. We have made ‘Dead Name’ to open the conversation, humanize the subject from the perspective of parents, and give them a voice.”



The decision to take down the film from Vimeo has generated widespread criticism, with many calling for the site to reconsider its decision and allow the film to be viewed once again. Despite the removal of the film from Vimeo, the filmmakers behind “Dead Name” have refused to be silenced, and are using their new website as a platform to share their work and raise awareness about the experiences of transgender individuals.


 Vimeo says on their website that it does not allow “videos that are hateful, harass others, or include defamatory or discriminatory speech.” It also claims to “forbid content that displays a demeaning attitude toward specific groups,” including “videos that promote Sexual Orientation Change Efforts (SOCE).”


The documentary has sparked a new conversation about freedom of expression and the experiences of transgender individuals, and its launch on a new website demonstrates the filmmakers’ commitment to sharing their work with a wider audience. The film is now available to watch at where viewers can purchase the film for $14.99 or rent it for $9.99.


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