Valuable Art by Legendary Marvel Artist John Buscema Stolen


The NY Observer reports that the family of the late Marvel artist John Buscema suffered a burglary, in which over 40 illustrations of his they owned were stolen. That’s certainly a terrible shame when famous artists like him, whose works in the past such as Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Avengers and Wolverine I own in paperback collections, end up getting their past art drafts robbed and probably sold on the black market. I do hope his daughter and their family will succeed in retrieving them.


On Facebook, Dianne Buscema-Gerogianis reached out to the artist Joe Jusko over Facebook to deliver the unfortunate news, and to ask for his assistance in recovering the stolen pieces. “I am reaching out to you all as 45 pieces of Dad’s original artwork was stolen from our family this morning,” Buscema-Gerogianis wrote in her post. “I cannot go into detail as the police and authorities have been notified.” The artist’s daughter then implored the public and her friends to be on the lookout for any artwork by her father appearing on the resale market. Buscema-Gerogianis has not yet responded to Observer’s request for comment, but the mysterious theft of her father’s creations is not the first time comic book art has been the target of a heist. 



Original comic book art tends to fetch high prices at auction, especially lately: just a few weeks ago, original art that was made by John Romita Sr. and Gil Kane for the cover of 1974’s Amazing Spider-Man #129 went for $2 million, and in 2019, a 1969 cover sold for an amazing $5.4 million. So, unfortunately, it makes perfect sense that the extensive theft of Buscema’s work could have been financially motivated.



Let’s hope the thieves are caught, the art work recovered, and perpetrators punished to the fullest extent of the law.


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Avi Green

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