Uh-Oh: “Significant” Reshoots Scheduled for Doctor Strange 2



If you’ve read The Story of Marvel Studios, you may recall that it explains how reshoots are typical in their production process that allows them to tighten up stories and include any new ideas that improve the film. Usually these take only a few weeks.


Recently the entire slate of Marvel movies got bumped back by a slot starting with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and that is likely due to a series of reshoots taking place now through December. Then The Hollywood Reporter posted a story referring to these reshoots as being “significant” and that the cast, lead by Benedict Cumberbatch, are basically on call through Christmas and will be shooting six days a week until they are done.


The production time includes both several reshoots as well as additional photography. It also confirmed that Sam Raimi is still directing, and Michael Waldron is busily writing the new material as he did the initial script. Some of the sources seem mixed on the significance of the reshoots with one saying: “We’ve had bigger reshoots on other MCU films.” Yet another says: “They’re here until the end of the year. That’s like a whole other movie.”


Clownfish TV posted their take on this news last night:


Doctor Strange 2 Getting MAJOR Reshoots?!


Most of sources seem to be downplaying concerns that the reshoots are retooling the story. Two weeks of the shooting is said to have been held over from the initial production due to one actor’s unavailability. Furthermore it’s not clear who besides Cumberbatch is involved in the reshoots at this point, but the star mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he was asked about the reshoots: “Like everything with Marvel, it comes in fresh, pretty much, most mornings. It’s really exciting and the film is shaping up to be something special.”


Mr. H commented on the significance of these 6-day a week reshoots until the end of the year.


Marvel In Trouble? MAJOR RESHOOTS For Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

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