UFC’s Colby Covington: I Will “Slap the Taste” Out of John Cena’s Mouth


UFC fighter Colby Covington is not a man who minces words. In an appearance on a recent episode of “The War Room” podcast with former Ex-White House adviser Steve Bannon, Covington, (who is also a proud Donald Trump supporter), was asked about a wide range of cultural topics and current news items in the sports and entertainment world, ranging from “toxic masculinity” to John Cena’s embarrassing apology to the Chinese government last week. 


Bannon: What do you think about transgender athletes in women’s sports?

Covington: We need to keep raising manly men men. We don’t want to make men so soft in America. That’s what the Left is trying to do, make these men or transform these men into a different gender. They’re trying to say it’s okay for men to compete in women’s sports even though it’s not. It’s not a fair playing field. I just think they want to make men soft these days. They want them on that soy diet.

Bannon: You mentioned the NBA earlier. I think you said the athletes in the NBA are the softest athletes in the world. What did you mean by that?

Covington: Yeah. I meant what I said. The NBA. You know, those guys, they get cramps. LeBron James is sitting out a whole playoff game. Or one of the players, they stub their toe and they can’t play for a couple of weeks. Those guys aren’t fighters. And they’re not patriots either. They are not standing up for what they believe in. They’re just bowing down to the woke mob. And if they sprain their pinky, you won’t see them for weeks. They’re not real fighters.

I get locked in a cage with a professional fighter who is trying to take my head off and that is real fighting. I’m fighting for my life in there with my bare hands. I’m not a privileged athlete like these NBA players. LeBron James and John Cena, they are both Chinese finger puppets. They are a joke.



“LeBron James and John Cena, they are both Chinese finger puppets. They are a joke.”


Colby Covington, left, punches Robbie Lawler during the fourth round of a welterweight mixed martial arts bout at UFC Fight Night 


Bannon: Yeah, um John Cena, came out, he’s got the movie with Universal that kowtows to the CCP all the time. He’s sitting there apologizing, basically throwing not just the Taiwanese people under the bus, but all the people in mainland China under the bus and kowtowing to the CCP. In your opinion, is John Cena a “tough guy”?

Covington: Absolutely not. John Cena does play-fights. Steve, I do real fighting. And John Cena, you know, he takes all these steroids and has all these fake muscles but he’s got no backbone he’s got no spine. The thing is that Taiwan is their own country. And we need to fight communism. The fact that John Cena is bowing down to the Chinese and trying to tow the line. I have his Chinese Masters is an absolute disgrace to the American people and a slap in the face you know? And speaking of slapping in the face I promise you Steve, that if I ever get locked in a room with him, or see John Cena in a room, I will slap the taste out of his mouth.

Bannon: (chuckles) Do you think he’d come back at you?

Covington: Absolutely not. What would you be able to do? Like I said before, he’s a fake fighter, I’m a real fighter.


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