Two Injured in Partial Ceiling Collapse During Screening of ‘Tenet’ in Singapore

As theaters across the world are beginning to open back up, two people were injured this past Sunday in Singapore when a ceiling partially collapsed during a screening of Tenet at the Shaw Theatres NEX Mall.

“It hurt because a piece of the ceiling hit my head, and my heart was racing. It was really confusing because we thought the sounds from the crashing was from speakers behind us,” one viewer called Venkat told Must Share News (MS News), a local web publication.


TENET - Final Trailer


The collapse happened around 5 PM local time. That’s when a large section of the ventilation duct crashed through the ceiling, hitting attendees seated in the area. One of the injured was transported to the hospital by officers from the Singapore Civil Defence and Singapore Police Force.


The multiplex is now closed. Tenet premiered Aug. 26 internationally.

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