Tu-Dum!: Netflix Just Abruptly Fired Its Marketing & Editorial Staff


Netflix has abruptly sacked a massive number of employees, just a week after discouraging subscriber growth data was released. All of the employees were working in the Tudum platform, which is a website with written content that promotes Netflix shows.


The sound Netflix produces as it starts up is known as ‘Tudum’. According to a Bloomberg source, Netflix isn’t getting rid of Tudum entirely, but the layoffs are part of a larger restructuring of the company’s marketing department.








Bozoma Saint John, the company’s chief marketing officer, resigned last month.


Netflix’s stock was trading at roughly $600 per share when it engaged the Tudum team in September 2021, as some Twitter users pointed out. It fell below $200 this week. 


All of this bad news comes only a week after Netflix disclosed that it has lost subscribers for the first time in a decade. Netflix lost 200,000 customers in the first quarter of this year. The stock plummeted 35% on Wednesday, its worst day since 2004, slashing $40 billion off its market cap. And this came after the streaming company said it lost subscribers for the first time in more than 10 years, and that it expects to lose as many as 2 million more in the current quarter. Despite investing $17 billion on original programming last year. During the pandemic’s lockdowns, numbers were at an all-time high, with user numbers reaching giddy heights of 222 million.



Since last week’s crushing financial losses, Netflix has declared a crackdown on password sharing, which is thought to occur in over 100 million households.   That ain’t gonna fix what ails Netflix though.


Chris Braly

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