Triggered Over Nothing – Walmart Superman #7 Controversy

Tom King seems to be in some sort of  controversy or drama every other week, and this week is no different. Walmart has their exclusive line of DC comics and they released the latest 100 page Giant Superman #7 and the internet went crazy! The all-new story written by Tom King for this book features twelve pages of Lois Lane being graphically murdered over and over again. While the scenarios are reportedly nightmares being played out in Superman’s mind, some readers have taken to social media to express their disappointed, posting warnings to parents who may be buying these comics for their kids.

What the new Tom King story does is takes us through Superman’s thoughts and anxieties. Just what could happen to Lois? He’s wondering why exactly she is not answering, until [SPOILEReventually she does. In my video below I go thru the drama and just exactly what Tom King had to say about the issue.

Lois Dies and TRIGGERS the SJWs | Tom King Controversy (Again...)

Tristen Just

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