Tom Welling to Reprise Smallville Role in CW’s Arrowverse Crossover

And then there were three.

Tom Welling is set to reprise his Smallville role as Clark Kent in The CW’s upcoming DC Arrowverse crossover, joining two other actors who have played the Man of Steel, Tyler Hoechlin and Brandon Routh that are already set to portray the character in the crossover.

Talk started over the summer that the Arrowverse producers were looking to feature multiple versions of Superman in different time periods during the Infinite Earths event, with Welling, Hoechlin and Routh all on the wish list.

While Hoechlin and Routh already are members of the Arrowverse — Hoechlin recurs as Superman on Supergirl, while Routh plays Ray Palmer/The Atom on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — making their recruitment easier, getting Welling to reprise his signature role was not an easy proposition as he had been reluctant to revisit the character.

He will now do it for the first time in a crossover guest stint, reprising his role as Clark Kent and to reveal what happened to the character almost ten years after Smallville. (via Deadline)

Meghan Murphy

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