Tom King Being Forced Off Batman Comics?

Tom King was originally supposed to have a planned out hundred issue run on Batman, ending at issue #105. So far, we have seen 69 issues come out, along with quite a lot of backlash. This negative feedback includes everything from the failure-to-launch bat + cat wedding, to what King did to the much beloved Wally West in his Heroes in Crisis limited series.


However, on the heels of fellow Bleeding Fool Wes Daugherity’s piece on Tuesday, questioning whether or not it was time for Bat-fans to take a break from Tom King, or from DC Comics altogether, today breaking news just came out that Tom King will have his Batman run end early after issue #85, ending his hundred issues twenty issue shy of what had been originally announced.


In my video below, I go over the news surrounding Tom King, the Batman comics, how I feel about this, and what we could expect from DC Comics going forward.



Tristen Just

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