Tom Holland Repeats Himself: Next Spidey Shouldn’t Be ‘Straight White Guy’


Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland has once again expressed his desire for a more “diverse” Spider-Man franchise in the future, including “a Spider-Gwen or a Spider-Woman” version of the web-slinging super hero.


The 25-year-old London-born actor recently told People in an interview that the time has come for a new face to take on the Spider-Man persona, repeating his call for change from June, when he told The Sunday Times, that “the world isn’t as simple as a straight white guy, […] and these films need to represent more than one type of person.”



He has now returned to the subject when speaking to People magazine about his future plans.


“I would love to see a future of Spider-Man that’s more diverse — maybe you have a Spider-Gwen or a Spider-Woman,” said in the People interview. “We’ve had three Spider-Mans in a row; we’ve all been the same. It’d be nice to see something different.”


Perhaps Mr. Holland has never seen 2019’s Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature Film? Like his current blockbuster, it too was produced and released by Sony, and starred the famous web-slinger, but in the form of Miles Morales, a black teenager, which is definitely not a straight white guy, as the character was originally created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.



The new Holland interview comes on the back of a strong box office performance by his latest outing as the wallcrawling super-hero.

Karina Smitt

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