Todd Phillips’ Joker Awarded Best Film at the Venice Film Festival

JOKER - Final Trailer - Now Playing In Theaters


Todd Phillips’ Joker already seemed poised for a win after receiving an eight-minute standing ovation last week at the Venice Film Festival

Phillips and Phoenix returned to Venice Saturday evening to accept the festival’s top honor. “Joker,” directed by Todd Phillips, was awarded the Golden Lion for best film at the 76th Venice International Film Festival on Saturday by a competition jury led by the Argentine filmmaker Lucrecia Martel. The film received fervent attention as well as critical praise for its portrayal of its troubled, murderous central figure, drawn from the DC Comics character and played by Joaquin Phoenix.

World premiering a comic book movie here was a bold risk that appears to have paid off.


Todd Phillips (L) holds the Golden Lion award for his movie ‘Joker’ as he poses US actor Joaquin Phoenix during the awarding ceremony of the 76th annual Venice International Film Festival, in Venice, Italy, 07 September 2019. 

Joker hits theaters Oct. 4.

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