Thomas Hayden Church Reportedly Returning as Sandman in Spidey 3


Marvel/Sony’s currently untitled Spider-Man 3 is going all out on being the biggest, boldest threequel it can be, possibly in an attempt to best 2007’s original Spider-Man 3, which is widely regarded as the weakest of the Sam Raimi trilogy. That said, the filmmakers are still going to honor that divisive movie in some form. In fact, according to a new report, one of the 2007 pic’s villains is among the many legacy stars returning for the much-anticipated blockbuster.


The often dubious, but frequently accurate We Got This Covered is reporting that Thomas Haden Church is set to reprise his role as Flint Marko/Sandman in 2021’s Spider-Man 3, which would mark 14 years since he first appeared in the part.

Church’s portrayal of Marko is unanimously agreed to be one of the strongest aspects of Spider-Man 3, with the character reimagined as a tragic figure, a low level crook who’s only trying to raise money for his daughter’s medical bills when he’s transformed into the Sandman after a particle accelerator accident. He was redeemed by the end of the film, though, with Peter Parker forgiving him for unintentionally killing his Uncle Ben.

Christina Wiggins

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