This Weekend’s Box Office: Mortal Kombat vs Demon Slayer

The question going into the weekend was who would win at the box office, the live-action Mortal Kombat series or the animated Demon Slayer. Both films are geared towards a similar audience with the former also being released on HBO Max at the same time and were expected to make around $10M each opening weekend. According to Deadline, the best-case scenario for MK was believe to be $15M. But as the numbers are coming in, it seems that we’re looking at a draw and a happy one at that as both films are set to gross $19M apiece this weekend.


This is the biggest opening yet for the Sony owned Funimation studio, beating their 2019 MLK weekend release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly which pulled in under $10M for the 3-Day and almost $12M for the 4-day total. The Friday total for Demon Slayer alone was $9.5M. Though pre-sales at AMC looked to have the animated feature beating the video game reboot 4 to 1 going into the weekend, Mortal Kombat pulled in $9M on Friday keeping pace with the other film. Also keep in mind that Demon Slayer had some Thursday night preview showings, bringing in $3.8M which was rolled into the Friday number while Mortal Kombat did not.

It’s expected that by the end of the weekend, Mortal Kombat will likely have the edge, opening in almost 1400 more theaters, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if both films topped the $20M mark for the full 3-days

John Pallister

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