The Joke’s On You: DC Comics’ 5G Is Phantom Zone Bound

The Narrative Of 5G Has Been Announced


So it has officially been announced via the DC Comics main website on 5G

Vote Of No Confidence On 5G.


This doesn’t look to promising at all. If we look to at some select quotes in this page, it shows that DC customers will be getting five separate one shots to cover the 1st Generation, and this format will continue up-to 5th Gen.


With the names that are already placed as to who will be placed on this Phantom Zoned Project are as quoted, especially with Bendis sales ending up in the Phantom Zone too with the bad quality stories he is putting out, sales are guaranteed to drop on all of these Generation One Shots, because Bendis name is on it.


These five books will have all the answers to these questions, setting up DC’s boldest storylines ever while laying the groundwork for more excitement to come. The five Generation issues will feature a who’s who of creative talent, with an overarching story by Brian Michael Bendis, Dan Jurgens, Andy Schmidt, Robert Venditti, and Joshua Williamson, illustrated by artists including Doug Mahnke, Bryan Hitch, Mikel Janín, Ivan Reis, David Marquez, and more.


The next thing that is questionable about this is the name of the Generations.


Generation One: Age of Mysteries is scripted by Andy Schmidt, with lead art by Doug Mahnke. Each of DC’s Generation one-shots will feature a cover by Jim Cheung and a variant cover by Gary Frank. Generation Two: Age of the Metahuman, Generation Three: Age of Crisis, Generation Four: Age of Rebirth and Generation Five: Age of Tomorrow will follow monthly after Generation One: Age of Mysteries.


One of the things which already comes off as a turn off to some DC Comics readers is this quote right here, trying to make it solve mysteries of the DC Universe.


Readers of Generation One: Age of Mysteries will witness firsthand major events from throughout the history of the DC universe as seen through the eyes of characters like Wonder Woman, Lucius Fox, Alfred Pennyworth, Green Lantern (Alan Scott), The Spectre (Jim Corrigan), Mister Terrific (Terry Sloane), and others. The series of one-shots will also expose secrets from DC’s history, such as:

  • What was the previously undocumented “big bang” of the Age of Mysteries? 

  • Which character truly ushers in the dawn of Super Heroes, inspiring all the rest?

  • What was the real reason behind the Justice Society of America’s retirement? 

  • Which Golden Age hero will become history’s greatest villain? 

  • What contentious alliance kept the Wayne family dynasty alive after Thomas and Martha’s deaths?

  • Who are the new, never-seen-before wildcards that will be instrumental in fashioning DC’s push to the future?


One has to ask Who is the Audience you are trying to reach as what is basically happening here is the same thing with Marvel Comics Revisionist History, as it doesn’t fully respect what has come before it.



As the title says

The Jokes On You DC Comics, because this is heading to the Phantom Zone.



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