The End of DC Comics? Failing Woke Leaders Under Microscope of New Owners

Warner Bros. Discovery, the new owners of all things Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are are about to bring the hammer down on the children running DC Comics. 


We reported back in April that within a week of Discovery closing its $43 billion deal for WarnerMedia earlier this year, joining one of the largest producers of reality programming with one of the most venerable entertainment brands under the new moniker of Warner Bros. Discovery. David Zaslav, the CEO of the combined companies, and top leadership were already toying with the idea of turning DC into its own solidified content vertical, according to Variety.


Unfortunately for Zaslav, a man who clearly appreciates the DC properties, DC Comics has been going “woke” now for several years. Editor in Chief Marie Javins has been responsible for developing and overseeing the comicbook publisher’s schedule and efforts to grow all DC imprints, and she led the strategy for expanding worldwide consumer reach of DC Publishing content and provide editorial and creative direction for DC imprints, but her emphasis on identity politics, and general “wokeness,” has been suppressing sales for quite a while.



For evidence of her “wokeness,” look no further than an interview with the Washington Post, when the liberal media was celebrating the son of Superman coming out as gay:


It was a memorable day when DC Comics publisher Jim Lee took the news of their new Superman’s reveal to higher-ups at Warner Bros. and was greeted with nothing but support. It was the confirmation that this new direction made sense for a character that represents a generation that’s willing to be vocal in their beliefs.

Gender and sexuality is so much more fluid to young people today. Our fans know that. Our retailers know that. Our staff knows that. It’s not like we’re all off in this little bubble and don’t know 20-year-olds,” Marie Javins said. Jon Kent’s sexuality “makes perfect sense in the context of the world that he lives in.”

Superman’s shift is part of a larger attempt to diversify DC’s trinity, along with the new Brazilian Wonder Woman, Yara Flor, and the Black Batman, Jace Fox. Javin notes that it’s the biggest change in the threesome since the 1990s, when Superman famously died and was replaced with four others, and there were new takers for Batman and Wonder Woman as well. But whereas those newbies were temporary replacements, DC’s new trinity will build their legacies alongside the original real deals.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to reinvent the wheel without the destruction of the old wheel. We’re just building on stuff that already exists,” Javins said. “We still have our classic characters that everyone can read… You want to have new characters where it’s a more organic evolution of their personality.”



Another “woke” leader, Daniel Cherry III, was named General manager of DC Comics back in the fall of 2020. Cherry saw DC Comics as a way to push identity politics:


“…it’s our responsibility to leverage the cultural power of DC Comics and our characters to entertain and inspire an increasingly diverse global fan base. Comics have the unique power to create resonant imagery and narratives that can move the world toward a better, more inclusive version of itself.”


Daniel Cherry III, an ultra-woke activist was thankfully abruptly fired last fall, so it’s been Marie Javins and  Jim Lee, DC Comics’ publisher and chief creative officer, working to define positioning, character narratives and prioritization, creative talent selection and brand attributes of each imprint and develop publishing plans with lead editors. 


In other words, Marie and Jim are the ones responsible for DC Comics turning into trash for the last two years. 


Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav, is the same CEO that cancelled Batgirl after it was in post-production because it was “unredeemable,” even going so far as to destroy all copies of the film for a tax write-off. Zaslav is quoted as saying he believes he can make good DC content as long as they “focus on quality.” Again, he clearly appreciates DC properties. Which brings us to DC Comics. Cosmic Book News is reporting that Zaslav’s accounting department is now poking around the publishing offices to see what’s going on.


…with the new merger it’s all coming to a head for Jim Lee and Marie Javins as it is reported the accounting offices of Warner Bros. Discovery have been taking a hard look at the books of DC Comics, where things are so bad that only Batman sells, as last month saw over half of the comics published not making the Top 100 list of sales.

It’s also no coincidence that at Comic-Con and following that DC Comics has made big announcements, which includes Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo on a Spawn/Batman crossover, Geoff Johns is involved with the “New Golden Age” of DC Comics and JSA (right in time for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam who I have been told wants to take over the DC films) and Stargirl.

The November 2022 solicits also saw reveals involving Marc Silvestri on Batman & The Joker, a relaunch of Wildcats and Wildstorm, the return of Superman, and more. I’ve also been told in the works include some sort of “Stan Lee take” on the DC characters.


Is this too little too late, or just the beginning of a course correction?


Wes Daugherity of Thinking Critical recently revealed that an insider with connections to the DC offices who claims the higher ups are asking why the comics aren’t making any money and are now requesting management reports ahead of a potential overhaul. Daugherity says he’s been told that “things are tanking across the board due to bad management, terrible editorial, and just some of the worst creative decisions we’ve seen in the history of DC Comics.”


Sources Tell Me Hammer Is Falling On DC Comics


Comic book artist and former DC Comics creator Ethan Van Sciver confirms what Wes is saying. Ethan speaks from a position of experience and insider information of his own, when he says he knows DC is six weeks late on royalty payments. “That’s never happened before,” Van Sciver says. “I think it’s over, guys. Sorry. We had it good for a little while.”


ZASLAV DESTROYS! The END of DC COMICS! as predicted by Wes from Thinking Critical!


It looks like Zaslav is in charge now, and wants to turn the company around. Ethan Van Sciver expects Zaslav to shut down DC Comics, and Todd McFarlane to be able to license the characters.


“DC Comics is finished,” Ethan adds, “it’s just finished.”


Will Zaslav clean house and bring back quality to DC Comics, or cut it loose, shut down the comics division and just farm out the IP? Sound off in the comments what you think and why.



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