The Disney Brand Wobbles: Encato Underperforms at Box Office


The Thanksgiving box office wasn’t quite what theater owners had hoped it would be a few months back. Despite rave reviews, Disney’s Encanto, an animated musical with songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda, took a nosedive at the holiday box office. The tale of a magic castle in Colombia as of Sunday gross just over $40 million over the full five-day holiday. The studios are trying to blame streaming since while this is a theatrical-only, global release, they announced it would be on Disney+ in time for Christmas.


And they cannot place blame it on the pandemic. There are plenty of movies opening just fine. Originally, the Paramount film Top Gun: Maverick was slated to debut this week, but that picture got moved leaving Disney’s animated feature Encanto to be the biggest new release over the holiday, with its only real competition being last week’s number one film, Ghostbusters: Afterlife which took in another $35.3 million over the Thanksgiving weekend.


Odin’s Movie Blog had the following to say:


Ghostbusters: Afterlife Holds Strong as Disney's Encanto Bombs



John Nolte of Breitbart shared a few of his own theories on what he believes led to the stumble of Encato.


[…] this is what happens to an industry that’s lost touch with its audience. Outside of Manhattan and Los Angeles, no one knows or cares who (songwriter) Lin-Manuel Miranda is. And those of us who do know him find his woketardery obnoxious and off-putting. He’s not here to entertain. He’s here to lecture!

So why did Encanto flop?

I have no idea.


Nolte continues with how he thinks the Hollywood media is going to try to spin this failure, and why it won’t work:


Although I’m sure the far-left entertainment media will soon blame this failure on “racist” Americans ignoring a movie set in Colombia, that holds no water. Disney’s Coco (2017) was set in Mexico and grossed $210 million in the U.S. and almost $900 million worldwideDisney’s Moana (2016) was set in Polynesia and grossed $250 million in the U.S. and nearly $650 million worldwide.

Whatever the reason, here’s what should worry Disney…

Disney couldn’t open this sucker.

If there is one area where the Walt Disney Co. outshines all others, and by a country mile, it is/was the ability to open a movie. Not only is the Disney brand itself magic, but Disney has the greatest opening machine we’ve ever seen.

Well, not so much anymore, and I blame Disney’s Woke Nazism for tarnishing the brand, for monkey-wrenching the machine.

Disney’s brand problems began with squatting over its Star Wars brand and dropping a dump of woke all over it.

Disney’s brand problems got worse when these fascist China-humpers blacklisted Gina Carano for the sin of rejecting servitude on the Woke Plantation.

Disney is open and strident about its racist and intolerant left-wing politics.

Disney is destroying the innocence of children with its appalling embrace of sexual politics.

And now Disney has no Star Wars film franchise, its streaming service is under-performing, its Marvel franchise has stumbled, and it didn’t open a no-brainer like Encanto.

Disney has worked overtime to tarnish a once trusted and beloved brand by all Americans, most especially parents.

Disney used to entertain and inspire. Now it lectures and perverts, and those chickens are coming home to roost.


Another new film for the weekend, House of Gucci pulled in $21.8 million over the five-day period. Rounding out the top five was Eternals with $11.4 million and Resident Evil: Raccoon City with $8.8 million. Not wanting to miss out on the family friendly weekend, Universal snuck their film Sing 2 into 1,000 theaters yesterday at 5 pm for one showing and according to Deadline, the gross was great and will be rolled into it’s opening weekend total on December 22nd. 



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