Squid Game Bounce: Netflix Sees Big Viewership Bump with South Korean Thriller


Bloomberg News has reported that “Squid Game” is worth $900 million to Netflix, citing internal Netflix figures. According to a Bloomberg report, the South Korean survival thriller is Netflix’s NFLX, +0.16% most-watched series ever in its first month, with more than 132 million users watching at least two minutes of it, up from the 111 million viewers disclosed last week. According to the paper, this resulted in $891 million in “impact value.”


Impact value is defined as a set of data that includes how frequently a show is watched by new customers and by existing customers who watch less frequently, as well as its cost efficiency and long-term audience impact.


Netflix is notoriously secretive about viewership data, though it did reveal numbers last month on the total number of hours its most popular shows were watched in their first 28 days, which was seen as a slightly better metric than how many people watched at least two minutes of a show, which does not reveal how “sticky” a show is at retaining viewers.


According to internal Netflix statistics, 89 percent of individuals who started watching “Squid Game” watched at least one episode, while 66 percent of the show’s viewers had already finished the season. In its first 28 days, “Squid Game” was watched for more than 1.4 billion hours, according to the data. More than double its nearest contender, Netflix’s previous No. 1 show, “Bridgerton.”


“Squid Game” follows a host of down on their luck citizens forced to take part in some deadly games with a chance to win an excessive amount of money and has been a surprise hit for the streamer.


When new numbers were reported on Tuesday, Netflix had experienced an increase in profit and subscriber additions as it found its biggest surprise success yet in the third quarter, with 4.4 million net new paid subscribers giving the streaming-video service 213.6 million subscribers overall. The average analyst estimate for fourth-quarter subscriber additions was 8.4 million

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