Spider-Man: No Way Home Poised for Massive Box Office Numbers


Will Spider-Man: No Way Home top Avengers: Endgame at the box office? Last week we reported that pre-sales were exploding. With the film only ten days or more away, depending on where you are, early indications and pre-sales are that this film is going to be huge. Deadline shared some of the numbers over the weekend and execs at Sony and Marvel should be very happy.


In Mexico, the film took in $7M in the first 24 hours that tickets were available, that’s 40% above Endgame. Spain, Brazil and Central America all report the film has had the best-ever presale numbers and in the UK they’re seeing numbers three times of what No Time to Die was getting at the same point. In Brazil, Australia and Turkey the pre-sale numbers are on par or above that of Endgame and in Portugal it sold more tickets than No Tim to Die in just three days. Poland hasn’t seen presale numbers like this since Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.



Here in the US, the film is coming in just behind the presales for Endgame even with crashing some of the theater websites. The previous film in the franchise, Spider-Man: Far from Home brought in $1.132 billion globally with $200 million coming from China, making it the Sony’s top grossing pic of all-time. With all the hype surrounding this film, it has the potential to dethrone both Endgame and Avatar from the top slot on the box office lists.

Meghan Murphy

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