Sony and Marvel Considered Making Zendaya’s Mary Jane a Superhero


At one point, Sony considered the idea of making MJ (Zendaya) into her own superhero in the Spider-Man universe, but the idea has since been abandoned.


That’s according to Zendaya and her co-star and boyfriend Tom Holland, who dropped the revelation during an interview posted to Russian social media platform Odnoklassniki (also known as “OK”).


SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME, from left: Zendaya, Tom Holland as Spider-Man, 2021. © Sony Pictures Releasing / © Marvel Entertainment / Courtesy Everett Collection


This wasn’t one of those cases where somebody let slip something they shouldn’t have, or provided a shocking behind-the-scenes detail without knowing it would get picked up. In this case, the reporter asked Zendaya directly whether she had ever asked producers to get her suited up.



“No, no, no,” Zendaya said. Holland came to life with the revelation, though. “They were trying for a while, though, do you remember that?” Holland said with a laugh, prompting Zendaya to say, “Yeah, but I leave the superheroing to this one.”



In the comics, MJ’s counterpart, Mary Jane Watson, did have an alternate-earth doppelganger where she got spider powers and transformed herself into the hero Spinneret. In the main-line Marvel Comics continuity, MJ isn’t a superhero, but they have flirted with the idea briefly in the past.




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