Sonic the Hedgehog Rings Up a Record Videogame Movie Debut

Deadline reports that after a string of pricey duds with Gemini Man, Terminator: Dark Fate, and Rhythm Section, Paramount gets back on track with its net $87M production of Sonic the Hedgehog. This film’s 4-day projections have continually boomed over the weekend, from $55M+ on midday Friday, to $64M+ Saturday morning to around $68M per Paramount Sunday AM (that’s also where the industry average is; some even believe the blue critter can run up to $70M+).

After a strong $20.6M Saturday, a 2% dip from Friday’s $21M, for a 3-day of $57M, Sonic the Hedgehog has feasibly beat the 3-day start of Legendary/Warner Bros.’ Pokemon: Detective Pikachu ($54.3M) to become the best opening for a videogame feature adaptation of all-time. On a 4-day basis, Sonic is also faster than Detective Pikachu which earned $58M over a non-holiday period last May.

All in, worldwide for Sonic the Hedgehog is $100M, which is fantastic, but not a record debut for a video game pic. Pikachu‘s technical global start (with domestic) was $157.3M, while Legendary/Universal’s Warcraft was around $119.1M, not counting its pre-box office run in China.

John Pallister

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