Snyder, Capullo, J. Scott Campbell Join Spawn #300

Todd McFarlane’s record Spawn #300 is rapidly approaching. Dave Sim’s Cerebus holds the current record for longest creator-owned comic run, reaching issue 300 in 2004. Spawn #301 the following month, officially breaks that record. Image Comics co-founder McFarlane created Spawn over 40 years ago as a high schooler. The Spawn series became one of Image’s flagship books upon its release in 1992. McFarlane originally made his name as a Marvel Comics artist before jumping ship in search of more creative control as one of the “Image 7.”

Spawn #1, Cerebus #300

Spawn #300 features an all-star creative team. DC writer Scott Snyder, former Spawn artist Greg Capullo, cover artist extraordinaire J. Scott Campbell and current Spawn artists Shawn Alexander and Jerome Opena join the Toddfather on the landmark issue. McFarlane will ink Capullo’s pencils as well as pencil some interior pages of his own. Marking his first interior pencil work on Spawn in years. Capullo drew Spawn from issues 16 in 1993 until issue 100. DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee also contributes to the issue in an unidentified role.

J. Scott Campbell, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo (from left to right)

“I didn’t want it to be what I saw with Detective [Comics] #1000, where you have 60 covers and everyone comes on, and they do a pretty picture and they’re out,” MacFarlane told ”I probably could’ve got 60 people to do 60 covers. ‘Cause you just say, ‘Hey you want to do an anniversary issue?’ It’s good for resale value if nothing else.’”

The Toddfather

“I want to put a book together that, you and I, when we were collectors would go, ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! This is cool! John Byrne came back to X-men and Terry Austin is gonna ink it. Oh my gosh!’ So, come on, join on board. And that was sort of the pitch that I gave to Greg too. Greg for a different reason ‘cause he obviously already laid down his licks. But to me it’s just a cool fun factor that the boy band is getting back together for one last tour.”

Todd McFarlane is no stranger to landmark issue 300’s. He created the classic cover and did interior art on Amazing Spider-Man #300. The historic Spidey issue featured his first throw down with now classic nemesis Venom. Spawn #300 is a giant sized 72-page book priced at $7.99. It features 12 covers by McFarlane, Capullo, Campbelll, Opena, and Alexander, with black and white Artist Edition variants showing original art by McFarlane and Capullo.

Amazing Spider-Man #300, Spawn #300

McFarlane is an industry leader many younger creators should emulate. Rather than getting in nauseating political debates and insulting fans. The enthusiastic Toddfather is seemingly marketing his Spawn series and highly successful line of McFarlane Toys 24/7. He also sells his line of Spawn comics for $2.99, below the industry norm of $3.99.

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