Shut Up, Wesley: CBS All Access Launching Another New Trek Series



With the premiere of Star Trek: Picard less than two weeks away, CBS All Access has revealed that former Star Trek: The Next Generation star Will Wheaton will host the series’ after-show, The Ready Room. While many remember Wheaton’s character Wesley Crusher from the popular sci-fi television series, others know him for his hard-left politics which he shares online. He even encouraged Twitter subscribers to subscribe to his 12,000+ user block list to help progressives like himself from having to read any tweets they disagreed with.



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If you’re wondering how anyone could possibly need to block 12,000 Twitter users, it’s because Wheaton is a simpering weakling who cannot handle reading anything he does not like. Writing on his Tumblr account, Wheaton responded to a question from a fan concerning “GamerGate,” a scandal in the video gaming world in which certain journalists were accused of unethical reporting with regard to prominent feminists. The shorthand goes like this: If you support GamerGate, you oppose lying feminists, and if you are a liberal, you believe GamerGate supporters are monsters. Wheaton is no exception, but takes his ideology a step further. He cannot associate with anyone whose opinions are not in rigid lockstep with his panting, social justice delusions.

“John [Bain, a game commentator] played on [Wheaton’s somewhat sad Web series about role-playing games] last season, and I enjoyed his company greatly,” Wheaton stated. “I’m really disappointed that he supports GamerGate, and hope he reconsiders his support, so I can feel OK doing something with him in the future.”

The Internet naturally reacted to Wil Wheaton’s progressive calls to silence dissent by causing the hashtag #ShutUpWesley to trend, however briefly. (Twitter routinely removes trending hashtags of which it does not approve.) Wheaton’s wife also rage-quit Twitter over the backlash to her husband’s whining.

If Wil Wheaton has blocked you, it’s probably an indication you’re doing things right. More broadly, his recent Internet temper tantrum perfectly illustrates the liberal attitude toward public speech. Liberals don’t just want to silence you online. They want to prevent even accidental exposure to opinions they abhor. For the liberal, freedom of speech means freedom from conservative or libertarian ideas … which is, as it turns out, nothing like freedom at all.





The new CBS All Access series will air following the conclusion of each new episode of Picard on Thursday nights for a deep dive into each one. The Ready Room was previously hosted by Naomi Kyle. The series replaced the original Star Trek: Discovery after-show After Trek last year, which was hosted by Matt Mira.


Wheaton’s duties on The Ready Room will mark his return to the Star Trek franchise, as he was last seen as Wesley Crusher in the 2002 film Star Trek: Nemesis. He also voiced a Romulan (although uncredited) in the 2009 Star Trek reboot.


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