Shop Vandalized After Ethan van Sciver Appears in Spite of Threats (Updated)

by Avi Green

A few days ago, the owners of Gotham City Pizza, a comics-themed restaurant where artist Ethan van Sciver, a conservative-leaner, was attending for autographs, found its door glass vandalized, shortly after van Sciver got threats on Twitter from somebody who hated his standings. Here’s a video provided by van Sciver himself:

SJWs Threaten me with Violence and Vandalize the Business of My Host.

Whether or not the vandalism – which I haven’t found major sites talking about so far – was committed by a SJW, there certainly has been a hostile atmosphere building against conservative creators, and it’s not helping one bit. Especially when you consider the leftist creators who may have had a hand in leading to this. Sciver addressed B. Clay Moore with the following:

Did Moore ever make any inciteful comments that wound up striking Van Sciver? The comment Van Sciver’s responding to was deleted when I checked, along with at least a few others, and last time I looked, his account had less than 200 tweets listed. I’m assuming he erased a lot of potentially hurtful tweets, and somebody responding to the same thread made a point of what he did some time ago. Moore’s own responses weren’t particularly pertinent or committal:

Man, that Moore sure is acting defensively, isn’t he? And tries to minimize the prime issues at hand. At this point, I can only say I see no use in buying his products like Hawaiian Dick, and he fails to acknowledge or admit he incited against Richard Meyer on that now open-secret Facebook group page. Presumably, Van Sciver’s address to him prompted Moore to recognize he’d entrapped himself in a real quagmire, and that’s why he may have erased more tweets on his account than thought.

Here’s a suggestion for Moore: if Van Sciver doesn’t want to address political issues, then by that logic, Moore shouldn’t and doesn’t want to either. As of now, critics like Meyer don’t exist, and he should never watch a single video Meyer films ever again. What Moore can do is contribute to the restaurant’s crowdfunding account for repairing the store window glass, which Van Sciver points to here:

They’ve already been given plenty for replacing the glass, but Moore can still provide them with a little more if he cares. Even so, I’d advise the restaurant staff not to welcome Moore at their establishment for a long time, so long as he maintains any negative personality. The same could be said for any other leftist creators who’ve created the atmosphere that’s built hostility to conservatives. In fact, so far, few leftist comics writers have said much about this case last time I looked, and Geoff Johns, with whom Van Sciver worked several years ago on Green Lantern, didn’t say anything either. Yeah, some respect he’s got for his political opposites, I’ll say.

I hope the vandal who committed the crime is caught, and soon. It may not have anything to do with Van Sciver’s politics, but it still did exactly what leftist SJWs could want, and that’s utterly offensive.


The original goal for the GoFundMe was not only matched, but they surpassed the goal by double the amount. This is a happy ending for Gotham City Pizza.

Originally posted at the Four Color Media Monitor
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