Shang-Chi Director Destin Daniel Cretton Tests Negative for COVID19

Some good news for a change, out of Australia: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings filmmaker tested negative for the coronavirus.


The director of such movies as Just Mercy and Short Term 12 revealed the news on social media, and in doing so had some moving things to say.

“During my weekend of isolation away from my family, I had a lot of time to ponder this interesting moment in history that our second child was born into, a time full of opinions and division, where scientific truths are debated and brushed off as political spins. But in the midst of this storm, while staring up at a spot on my hotel ceiling that I swear looked exactly like a bunny, I could see something really quite beautiful happening. People all around the world are beginning to realize how connected we are, how vulnerable we are, how much we need each other to survive,” said Cretton.

“Please stay hopeful, please stay humble, please stay home. Social distancing is an act of love for yourself, your family, and for every person on this planet,” he added.

The first unit production of Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi took a pause recently as Cretton went to self-isolate after the advise of a doctor. As he explains in his post, the filmmaker was “working in close proximity with some people who had potentially been exposed, and because Nik and I have a newborn at home, I wanted to be as safe as possible.” Shang-Chi has been shooting in Australia since February.



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