Several Franchises Destroyed Over the Weekend Box Office

John Nolte of Breitbart regularly comments on Hollywood television shows and film, and he has observed that the “woke” social justice culture that permeates current year pop culture has done more damage to this summer’s box office than McCarthyism ever did. Nolte has some fun running down which franchises he feels were utterly destroyed over the weekend box office and likely put out of misery. Starting with Men in Black: International, from Breitbart:


Deadline reports this stinker will open to a pathetic $25 million, which is less than half of what all three of its predecessors opened to. Even the 22-year-old original launched with $51 million in 22-year-old dollars.

As I mentioned in my reviewMIB4 has no swagger, no sex appeal, and no laughs; just a confusing story, bad special effects, and a bland leading man who is treated like an imbecile because he’s white and hetero and we must now grovel before the woke.

This is the second franchise Hemsworth has helped destroy by allowing himself to be publicly emasculated. The first was that dreadful Ghostbusters remake.

Our reviewer John Lemus thoroughly enjoyed the film, but he seems to be in the minority since the film has rated a certified ‘rotten’ score of only 24% at Rotten Tomatoes, with viewers only giving it 64%. Pee-yew! Nolte then turned to another stinker according to Rotten Tomatoes (at 34%). Samuel L. Jackson’s latest entry into his own forgotten franchise, Shaft.


Samuel L. Jackson’s Shaft had been projected to land in the $15 to $20 million range. In the real world it crash landed at $8 million.

Eight million for a name brand with a name star opening in nearly 2400 theaters.

How is that even possible?

Well, for whatever lunatic reason, Warner Bros. decided to turn a 48-year-old franchise built on grit and testosterone into a lame family sitcom.


Nolte reminds his readers that back in the year 2000, Shaft opened at $22 million, proving there is an audience for this sort of film, although with Samuel L. Jackson’s penchant for repeatedly and publicly espousing divisive political thought, he may have been part of the diminishing returns on this franchise.


He then aimed his disappointment at the Godzilla franchise, another summer pick by Lemus:


Godzilla: King of the Monsters earned a pathetic $7 million in its third weekend. This sucker is barely going to break $100 million domestic and $300 million worldwide, which means it’s going to lose close to $100 million. I just hope the filmmakers enjoyed blaming mankind for everything.

And finally, it was the beloved, 20-year X-Men franchise installment Dark Phoenix:


With a second weekend collapse of 77 percent, X-Men 10 will sit at a measly $50 million after ten days — which means it will not even clear $100 million domestic and possibly gross less than $200 million worldwide. That adds up to another $100 million loss.


Nolte did have some hope for the future, with two very successful franchises opening up over the next two weeks:


Things will look a whole lot better next weekend when Toy Story 4 opens, an apolitical family film with universal appeal. Two weeks later, over the Fourth of July weekend, Spider-Man: Far From Home will also brighten things.


Let’s hope they don’t suffer the same “woke-ness” and share the same fate. At least Lemus had a good time 🙂


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