Sesame Place Cancels Rosita! Removes All Traces of Character After Racism Claims


Beloved Sesame Street character Rosita has been “cancelled” by the Sesame Place theme park, excluded from meet and greets and the daily parade as a result of a family’s $25 million lawsuit against the amusement park.


According to staff, the bilingual Mexican Muppet is progressively being removed from the Philadelphia theme park in the wake of last month’s incident, according to the Daily Mail.


After seeing footage of Rosita appearing to ignore her daughter and niece when they approached the character during the parade last month, a mother blasted the incident as racist.



The blue character, who was added to Sesame Street to increase its diversity, was seen wagging their finger at the two little girls before supposedly “embracing the little white girl” next to her.


Seemingly in response, the character’s appearance has disappeared from the park, including the Rosita restaurant, which has been closed for the last few weeks.


‘There hasn’t been a real explanation as to why, but staff are assuming it could be to do with the accusations.

‘The meet and greets have also changed recently but that could also be because of the heat with some other characters.’

The character has not been removed from the latest series of the TV show, which premiered on HBO Max in November last year.  

Other staff members claimed that the characters were on rotation for meet and greets, and not all of the characters appear on the parade – including Big Bird. 

But on the Sesame Place app any events with Rosita can be found by actively searching her name, with only Meet and Greets for certain characters appearing.

Rosita was one of the only characters who was not included in the daily parade, with staff members adding that the performers were now being told to remain on the floats after the allegations. 

Other images of the character have been hidden by the park, with Rosita and Big Bird both being covered with a large purple structure close to a dining hall in the theme park.

Stores selling merchandise of Sesame Street also appeared to have either removed items featuring the character or having less out on display.


After the lawsuit had been filed, Sesame Place Philadelphia issued a statement stating that the situation was “not okay.


“We sincerely apologize to the family for their experience,” the statement reads. “We know that it’s not okay. We will conduct training for our employees so they better understand, recognize, and deliver an inclusive, equitable, and entertaining experience to our guests.”


Sorry Rosita, you cancelled.

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