Senator Rubio Urges U.S. Southern Command to Uncancel ‘Sound of Freedom’ Screenings


Breitbart reports that Florida Senator Marco Rubio has decided to urge the United States military’s Southern Command to reschedule “without delay” its previously planned screenings of the hit film Sound of Freedom, which were canceled earlier this month due to inquiries by left-wing journalists. According to the senator’s letter obtained by The Hill, Rubio was “alarmed” to learn of the decision to cancel the film’s screenings at the command’s headquarters in Doral, Florida.


The screenings were canceled after two journalists from The Military Times inquired about the events. In their subsequent hit piece, the reporters disparaged the film as “QAnon-embraced” and “Christian-faith-based,” apparently in an attempt to undermine the film’s artistic legitimacy. The article also slammed Tim Ballard, the movie’s real-life inspiration, whose career at Homeland Security eventually turned into his ongoing personal mission to rescue kids from sex-trafficking rings.


According to their online biographies, both of the article’s reporters are former employees of the far-left wing The Texas Tribune.



Rubio’s letter addressed the so-called obstacles that prevented Southcom from screening the film, such as the possibility of copyright infringement, are no longer an issue because “the producers and distributors of ‘Sound of Freedom’ have consented” to such a showing. He also discovered that the film’s distributor, Angel Studios, offered to send a representative to meet with command personnel and their families after the screenings to answer any questions.



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