Scripted Redemption? Hollywood to Honor Convicted MCU Star Jonathan Majors


Former Marvel actor Jonathan Majors lost numerous major parts after being found guilty of assaulting his former fiancée, but he is poised to get an award for his “resilience” in the film industry. Majors will surprise everyone by receiving the Perseverance Award at the Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards later this month.


According to THR, the award is given annually to the most remarkable individuals who continue to inspire despite enduring significant hardships. While that description clearly matches Major’s last 18 months, during which he went from the highs of becoming the MCU’s new “big bad” to the lows of being a convicted domestic abuser, accepting the award has sparked a divided reaction on social media.



At the start of 2023, Majors appeared to have accomplished everything he needed to become Hollywood’s next big star. Following up his lead role in the TV series Lovecraft Country, Majors scored the role of Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Loki, and also starred alongside Michael B. Jordan in boxing sequel Creed III. While he was initially set up to return in many future Marvel projects, as well as several other high profile movies, the allegations of abuse and the result of the subsequent court case, saw these future opportunities slipping away one by one.



Majors was found guilty, but he avoided jail time by agreeing to participate in a domestic violence intervention program.


Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp both overcame scandal, but whether Majors can be the next comeback king of Tinseltown is yet to be seen. Being the recipient of the Perseverance Award is a strong indicator that there are people willing him to be back on screens, but that isn’t a guarantee of a redemption arc.



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