With Marvel Studios Getting the Rights Back, #SaveDaredevil Hashtag Trends


Marvel Studios just got the rights back to Daredevil over the weekend, after the character’s successful three season run on Netflix. To go with the return, the hashtag #SaveDaredevil is being used by fans to encourage (aka begging) the studio and head cheese Kevin Feige to put the series back into production.


Part of the arrangement with the streaming service was a two-year moratorium on using the character in a series/movie after it was cancelled… that ended on Sunday. The series wasn’t the first time the character had been brought to live-action. He was once portrayed by Rex Smith in the 1989 TV Movie, Trial of the Hulk and then again in the Ben Affleck lead feature film from 2003. But the 2015 debut of Charlie Cox in the role of Matt Murdock was a huge hit with fans and helped grow the original programing at Netflix along with it’s companion series: Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher and The Defenders. All of which have been cancelled by the streaming service.


ctors from the series seem eager to return including Vincent D’Onofrio who plays the series big bag, Wilson Fisk. D’Onofrio has talked about it many times on his social media and even hinted that he would like to bring the character into the films as the Kingpin is often battling with Spider-Man. 



Meghan Murphy

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