Rumor Alert: The Inhumans May Still Have a Place in the MCU

MCU Cosmic is reporting that while the MCU movie-turned-terrible TV, Marvel’s Inhumans, died a not-too-swift death on the small screen, those Fantastic Four supporting stars from the comics, most specifically the Royal Family, may have a future back on the big screen.

Nothing is happening anytime soon, obviously, but it’s apparently in the cards after characters like Ms. Marvel and the Celestials are better established in the MCU that it’ll be far enough from what Marvel Television did that not many people will remember that version of Black Bolt and Medusa.

It would indeed be a reboot in the MCU, but it’s one most fans would probably have no problem with. Especially if it gives us Black Bolt, Medusa et al at their Kirby-cosmic best in the movies. (How Eternals spins out may weigh on this.) And if Ms. Marvel’s origin on Disney+ is that of an Inhuman, that could be Marvel Studios’ first step towards rebooting the characters into the prime MCU.

John Pallister

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