Rolling Stone Beclowns Themselves with Latest Eric Clapton Hit Piece


When Eric Clapton had his COVID-19 vaccine, he had a very bad reaction. His hands were temporarily paralyzed and the guitar legend has been publicly critical of the mandates ever since. Clapton has since stated that he will no longer perform at venues that discriminate against people based on their immunization status. This has caused some to want to blacklist him.


Rock Legend Eric Clapton Boycotting Venues that Require Vaccinations


And since Clapton is a superstar who decided to speak out against the prevailing political narrative, Rolling Stone magazine believes they must also destroy him. Their latest “fake news” story touts Clapton’s “history of racist comments” from some problematic rant he had that dates back forty years. Clapton had previously apologized many years ago for the drunken anti-immigrant outburst in question from 1976, but no one would continue reading if the Rolling Stone article it were merely about Eric Clapton being vaccine hesitant.


The magazine clearly doesn’t want people to tell their stories of having adverse effects associated with the vaccines. Why is that?



So they decided to run a lengthy hit piece on Clapton that blasts his healthy skepticism.

“Clapton recently embarked on a U.S. tour booked in red states despite surging transmission numbers and death rates — and at venues that largely don’t require proof of vaccination. In the process, this Sixties icon, who embraced the sex, drugs, and rock & roll lifestyle as much as anyone in his generation, has drawn praise from conservative pundits.”


It must be difficult for the dwindling number of Rolling Stone readers to hear about a rock & roll icon who isn’t scared to express his personal opinions in the face of a horde of COVID fanatics. So, to ensure that readers aren’t inspired by Clapton’s anti-vaccine mandate and anti-lockdown ideas, David Browne spends the majority of his essay reexamining decades-old racist claims for good measure.

“But the current controversy is prompting a fresh examination of Clapton’s past behavior, which includes jarringly racist statements he made in the early part of his career, how did we get from admiration and empathy to bewilderment and even a feeling of betrayal?”




According to the Browne, Clapton “began grousing about immigration” during a concert in August 1976, and, according to one report, “Clapton began making vile, racist comments from the stage.” Browne also notes “in [a] 1968 interview with Rolling Stone, Clapton referred to Hendrix with a derogatory term that was also hipster slang at the time.”



The irony here is that Rolling Stone published the so-called offensive words back when it occurred without ever considering them controversial at all. Even more bizarre if the fact that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was started by Rolling Stone magazine’s Jann Wenner and now the same mag is attacking Eric Clapton , whohappens to be the only triple inductee into the prestigious music history museum.


Continue pumping out fake news and hit-pieces Rolling Stone. You’re far past being relevant.

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