Rich Johnston’s Site Criticized for ‘Lazy Stereotypes’ & Mocking the Welsh


Muckraker Rich Johnston of ‘Bleeding Cool,’ (our inspiration and the frequent target of our satiric mockery) was roundly criticized by an international news outlet for ridiculing the people of Wales, and calling them “sheep shaggers”. Nation.Cymru, a news service by the people of Wales, for the people of Wales, roundly called them out for the lazy stereotypes, and put Johnston in his place.


Bleeding Cool, which publishes a magazine and news site and has over 6m monthly readers, was reacting to the announcement that WWE would be holding a stadium event at the Principality in Cardiff this September.

“But we’re afraid we’ve got some bad news. Unfortunately, despite the ‘anything goes’ nature of the Extreme Rules PPV concept, Bleeding Cool has learned that sheep will still be prohibited in the stadium,” they said.

Sorry, Welsh people. You will have to wait until you get home to shag those sheep.

The article was criticised on social media with one user saying: “Sheep? Really? Bit of a lazy stereotype there Rich.”

Another drew the article to Nation.Cymru‘s attention, saying: “Another day, another ‘sheep shagger’ joke.”

Bleeding Cool, which is owned by independent American comic book publisher Avatar Press, was launched by English journalist Rich Johnston in 2009.

Crime data published by the Ministry of Justice in 2020 disproved the myth of the Welsh sheepshagger, showing that 25 people had been convicted of bestiality in England between 2007 and 2016 – but only two in Wales.


I guess they told Rich. Heh-heh.

Jamison Ashley

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